Paleo Mediterranean: The diet for a lifetime

It’s impossible to escape the heavy emphasis that today’s media places upon diets and weight loss. Television advertisements and massive billboards constantly attempt to sell the newest weight loss technology. But how many of these diets actually work?

I would say not very many which is why I’m introducing an entirely unique method—the “Paleo Mediterranean Method.” I hope this “diet for a lifetime” will provide the world with a way to look at modern diets differently.  Backed by research, this diet is a proven method with no gimmicks. According to consumer reports, Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of what the perfect diet should consist of because of the diet saturation in current media. As a result, I have developed this new method that is backed with research from our DNA migrations and has been eight years in the making. In my opinion, the Paleo Mediterranean diet is the best merger in diet history.

Paleo Mediterranean Approved

Through eight years of research in her private practice, Stella Metsovas has created an entirely unique diet method. Rather than relying on the stale and ineffective diets that swarm the media, Ms. Metsovas has developed the first diet for a lifetime, the Paleo Mediterranean. It is the first of its kind as it stems from the roots of our DNA and incorporates Mediterranean principles that are essential for health. Through her use of the principles of nutrigenomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, and the comprehensive understanding of our digestive systems, Ms. Metsovas has generated the groundbreaking Paleo Mediterranean method.

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