Mission Statement & Philosophy: Stella Metsovas, a food science and human nutrition expert, integrates research-backed information to create the ultimate, dietary-prescription. I do not provide meal plans or calorie-dependent diets.  If you are looking for a calorie, meal-planned diet–this program is not for you.

“Individual. Specific. Nutrition”

Individual: Comprehensive analysis is generally overlooked in clinical practice.  It’s imperative to identify imbalances and/or issues related to digestion, metabolism and lifestyle, by examining data provided from the client (e.g., genetic predisposition).

Specific: Fad diets come and go.  We live in a multi-billion-dollar-a-year diet industry looking for the next best strategy to lure in money from consumers.  The diet industry is currently marketing a ‘personalized approach’—misleading consumers into thinking they are getting a ‘personalized diet‘.  Not only are big companies deceiving consumers, many other so called ‘health professionals’ use a similar marketing strategy.  The only accurate ‘personalized approach’ is to use diagnostic measures, such as: Respiration to figure out resting expenditure or metabolic rate, blood testing to understand underlying micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., vitamin D), stool testing for yeast imbalance and gut-transit issues, genetic testing, salivary tests for hormones and their metabolic influences (e.g., cortisol and digestion), immunology essays, and a host of other testing measures.

Nutrition: The famous quote, “One man’s food is another man’s poison” is why I study and research nutrient interactions within our bodies. Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health.

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