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Metabolic and physiologic improvements from consuming a paleolithic, hunter-gatherer type diet


Jim Nesbitt in People Magazine


Jim Nesbitt cross-trained five days a week and was fairly trim at 174 lbs. Except, he says, “my belly stuck out.” Frustrated, the Tustin, Calif., computer network broker, 46, hired nutritionist Stella Metsovas, who noticed he ate a lot of floury foods. “I love my pizza, pasta and bread,” says the dad of 7-year-old twins. He now embraces high-protein snacks like nuts and drinks less wine but still eats his favorites in moderation. “I’ll have pizza with my kids maybe twice a month.” The result? “For the first time in 30 years, I have a flat stomach.”


Stella Featured in iVillage: 100 Sweet Treats Under 200 Calories

Stella Featured in iVillage ’100 Sweet Treats Under 200 Calories’.  Complete article can be found here.

Vas Kypreos

Vas KypreosAfter being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I immediately began my search for optimal health. Naturally, I started out with medications proven to help decrease the incidence of MS flare ups, but I also wanted to do more.After much research, I began to realize that medications were not the only answer for fighting MS. The more I read, the more I realized that there was so much more that I could do by taking charge of my health.  

Alice’s Story!

Alice After

Alice Before

Consulting with Stella last August was one of the best decisions of my life.  For the past five years, my health had increasing declined.  I experienced chronic and unexplained fatigue, insomnia, bloating, inflammation, digestive problems, and declining ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.  Despite my efforts to “eat right” and exercise, I was feeling increasingly worse and putting on weight.  I felt helpless and quite frankly, I was convinced that I would never feel normal again.


Brenda Berg’s Story

Brenda Berg’s Story:

Brenda BergWhen Brenda initially signed up, she wanted to drastically improve her health, and be in the best shape of her life.  During our first appointment, Brenda shared that she felt  something wasn’t quite right.  She was working out daily, dieting and taking an array of vitamins, with no real improvements.  Brenda suffered from fatigue, inadequate sleep, and body-aches that would actually wake her up in the middle of the night.  She also had about 20 pounds to lose, with no success in her previous dietary intervention of calorie restriction–also known as dieting.  Finally, Brenda really wanted to be healthy (I’m quoting Brenda) ” I just want to be health and look good for my age.  I want my energy back!”


USA Triathlete Grady Funk’s story

Grady FunkPrior to seeing Stella at W8less Nutrition, I was consuming a lot of processed grains, cereals, soy, and frozen dinners.  I was strictly concerned about my caloric intake rather than the actual makeup of the food I was consuming.  I had a lot of indigestion and my energy levels would go up and down all day.  I was not aware of the importance of getting my nutrients from its raw source and how it attributes to digestion, recovery, and my overall energy level.

Since I have changed my diet and gotten away from processed foods, I have noticed a steady energy level throughout the day and my recovery rate is far beyond what it used to be.  With 30 hours of training a week and 40 hours of work, it is vital I put the correct foods in my “engine” that allow me to complete my workouts with focus, and also allow it to recover for the next day.

Mission Statement & Philosophy: Stella Metsovas, a food science and human nutrition expert, integrates research-backed information to create the ultimate, dietary-prescription. I do not provide meal plans or calorie-dependent diets.  If you are looking for a calorie, meal-planned diet–this program is not for you.

“Individual. Specific. Nutrition”

Individual: Comprehensive analysis is generally overlooked in clinical practice.  It’s imperative to identify imbalances and/or issues related to digestion, metabolism and lifestyle, by examining data provided from the client (e.g., genetic predisposition).

Specific: Fad diets come and go.  We live in a multi-billion-dollar-a-year diet industry looking for the next best strategy to lure in money from consumers.  The diet industry is currently marketing a ‘personalized approach’—misleading consumers into thinking they are getting a ‘personalized diet’.  Not only are big companies deceiving consumers, many other so called ‘health professionals’ use a similar marketing strategy.  The only accurate ‘personalized approach’ is to use diagnostic measures, such as: Respiration to figure out resting expenditure or metabolic rate, blood testing to understand underlying micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., vitamin D), stool testing for yeast imbalance and gut-transit issues, genetic testing, salivary tests for hormones and their metabolic influences (e.g., cortisol and digestion), immunology essays, and a host of other testing measures.

Nutrition: The famous quote, “One man’s food is another man’s poison” is why I study and research nutrient interactions within our bodies. Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health.

Nutritionist, Stella Metsovas & Oprah’s New Detox Diet


By Vicki Salemi

In case you haven’t heard, Oprah is following a new nutritional plan. Apparently this one is different, better and, yes, spiritual. Following Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness, Oprah recently began her journey with a 21-day cleanse. Why? She says to achieve the highest level of health and contentment.


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